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And now the Russia story goes on and on and Don and Don.

Don, Doubling Down.

All this talk of Russians and meet-ups
Don dismisses as ‘fake news’ beat-ups,
Don treats all but Fox with contempt and scorn,
But even he knows its bad news for his first born.

Don Senior cries ‘oh Don, my son, what have you done?’
Still, Don loves his children, even this misbegotten one,
But should Don give Don a bad name
In which Don lies the blame?

Secure in the hands of the big blonde chief, we hope.

Learning Plenty At The G20.

Donald and Vladimir shook hands and sat,
Two wily leaders having a ‘diplomatic’ chat,
Don smiled and began to babble at Vladimir,
Vlad’s twisted lips looking less smile than sneer.

Don looked into Vladimir’s eyes, so blue,
Blushingly asked him if he could tell him true
That no Russian meddling had helped him win;
‘Oh, no,’ said Vlad, sneer becoming a huge grin.

So Don said ‘Vlad, that’s good enough for me,’
Who could doubt the word of someone ex-KGB?
So as the Hamburg meeting came to its conclusion
At least Don and Vlad can agree there was no collusion.

As they parted friends, Vladimir pauses and mentions
‘America and Russia should defy cold war conventions,’
What Vladimir suggests to Don sounds one Hell of a deal,
Vlad’s joint Impenetrable Cyber Security unit has vast appeal.

The President speaks to the Russians showing a previously unknown Intelligence. (This post may be ongoing.)

A Simple Innocent Conversation.

Donald seeks his leaks here, he seeks leaks there,
He’s determined to stuff that leak- like Obamacare,
Yesterday he was sadly saying to the Russian Ambassador,
‘Sergey, you’re the only one I can talk to about it anymore.’

Security Directive #13 To The President. (URGENT.)

Sir; Please remove head from butt;
Place foot in mouth to keep mouth shut.

Steve Bannon on not checking backgrounds? What happens when a workplace photo goes wrong. Very professional, Steve.

Picture Perfect.

Steve Bannon posed for a photograph,
A proud member of the Presidents staff,
A winning grin, teeth so white and bright
-Not too clever of Steve, in hindsight.

For what is behind that smiling visage?
Something on which his message is writ large,
Steve stands serenely in front of a white board
-Pictured for posterity- and the record.

Steve believes to err is human but, alas
Don believes Steve’s acted more as an ass,
After trying to kick out those annoying leaks
Is Don responsible for Steves reddened cheeks?

A little gallows humor? Finding a winner is becoming a murky affair.

Mad And Destructive Streak.

Donald is done with all those diplomatic talks,
So he throws up his arms- and his Tomahawks,
Fifty-nine missiles rocket through the hot Syrian air-
Now good buddy Vladimir’s face wears an angry red glare.

Putin is looking puzzled and pained,
Relations with Don are apt to be strained,
They’ll find its tricky building fences
Since someone’s taken leave of his senses.

The Kremlin comes up with all manner of crazy things,
Put Don in charge and Putin would pull the strings?
Vladimir, I fear you have an angry tiger by the tail,
Let’s pray cool heads- and the world- will prevail.

The magical microwave of Kellyanne Conway.

Microwaves are spying on us, according to Mister Trumps trusty adviser. Is no bag of popcorn safe from the prying eyes of the microwave?

Going Down Swinging.

Kellyannes becoming more than paranoid
About the listening devices Barack deployed,
Even in the safety and privacy of one’s own home
‘They’ can tap your phone and then its free to roam.

The blinking stereo was first to go-
It has a ‘record’ function, you know-
Kellyanne has her own way of stopping
Any as-yet unsubstantiated eaves-dropping.

She slings out the phones, land line and all,
Not once thinking Donald made a bad call,
Working like crazy, pushing it to the brink,
Stopping but for a snack and Energy drink.

By wildly yanking the cord from the wall she was able to disable
The Surround Sound Massive big screen TV complete with cable,
But neither MacGyver or any Electronics Expert could save
Her innocent baseball bat bludgeoned beeping microwave.

Mere words cannot tell the tale… One petulant President.

Accusations Flying And Fingers Pointing.

Donald fires off another tweet,
How his stubby fingers fly,
What an early morning treat
For the undiscriminating twitterati.

‘Obama tapped my phone’
Was the message he put out there,
This morn his unPresidential tone
Leaves quite an element of doubt there.

Though there’s no proof of deceit
It deflects scrutiny from a Russian spy,
So it’s a claim Donald is happy to repeat,
He honestly does, without a word of a lie?