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Scotty (Freebie) Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, resigns due to ‘unrelenting pressure.’ About a dozen ongoing ethics inquiries have nothing to do with him bailing.

Toxic Environment.

The time to resign has finally come for Scott Pruitt,
The story has long been ‘not if, but when’ he’d do it,
Don had had high hopes for his EPA chief,
He had handed Scott his working brief
For the EPA, knowing full well Scott would screw it.

Its the poor wot gets the blame, and not much else. The trickle-down effect at work, if that’s not a misnomer. Just desserts indeed.

From The Boardroom Table.

Thanks for your two percent, which I’ll gladly take,
Your two bits worth I cannot afford to forsake,
A crumb of comfort rather than a slice of the rich cake,
This grateful fulsome smile I genuinely couldn’t fake.

There’s one feeling this poor blue-collar worker can’t shake;
Its that the bottom tier see sod-all profit in what we make.

Your gift hands us an empty feeling and a growling stomach ache
Plus your handful of cut-price excuses, but not an even break,
My bitterness over this pay round my Bitter cannot slake,
As Upstairs rowdily celebrate, Downstairs retains the air of a wake.

Oh, to work and work and get your just reward from the grateful employer. Don’t they just make it all worth while? (This is not so much a rant as rueful acceptance.)

Price Less.

Another profitable year over and a new one set to start,
I can modestly say to the Company I’ve done my modest part,
So I swanned off to my annual pay review, a song in my heart.
(I might do all the donkey work, but this dumb ass ain’t too smart.)

Surely this time I’d receive my due from this profitable enterprise?
And then I beheld the sorrowful look in the good Josephs sad eyes,
My disapointment at the Company’s paltry offering I couldn’t disguise,
Yet after my previous review it shouldn’t have come as a big surprise.

That pay review was ten minutes uncomfortably spent,
Now my jaunty song has turned into a painful lament,
I’ve given my all and they give me two lousy percent,
What I feel is, well, screwed, and without consent.

If you pick up that remote you might click onto something, something perverse and sick. It might well shake a God fearin’ soul to their very bones. No, don’t go there! That channel will show you stories that will make your eyes pop and your poor head spin.

Faux News.

Here at Fox the truth is told,
We cling to the standards of old,
We ALERT you of freedoms under attack,
We’re proud to have our great Presidents back,
We mean the right one, not the one who’s bla… Barrack.

Some say we’re racist, but to be fair
Only poor folk benefit from Obamacare,
Now, under our highly esteemed President
That money that would’ve been poorly spent
Can go to tax cuts for Dons deserving one percent.

Its for OUR flag and country that we stand-
For a place for (w)all in this, OUR Great land,
We listen- too patiently- to those who try us,
Damn loathsome Liberals, the unrighteous and impious,
Unpatriotic Lefty immigrant lovers who accuse us- US! of bias.

All you can want from your local restaurant- and more!

All-Nite Diner.

Looking forward to a bite to eat,
Ushered solicitously to a corner seat,
Enjoyed four fine friends good company,
Bided time imbibing a bubbling glass- or three.

There was nothing wrong with the house beer
We quaffed while waiting for a menu to appear,
But we’d be waiting impatiently for a waiter- still
Had we not served the Maitre De with a look to kill.