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Six word book summaries… I got bored…

Alice Through The Looking Glass- Alice falls down, goes to Crazytown.

The Silence Of The Lambs- Hannibal tells Clarice a gristly story.

Moby Dick- Footloose old salt trails whale tail.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon- Lost girl nightmare. Tough to bear.

The Bible- Big Fellers big seller. Popular Fiction.


Six word book summaries with a humorous twist- hopefully.

1/ Wuthering Heights
Kathy crushes on Cliffs moody Manor.

2/ The Three Musketeers.
All for one free-for-all sword play.

3/ Fifty Shades Of Gray.
Modern bodice ripper. Boy beats girl.

Thanks to Tetiana and Tony at Unboltme for opening up the possibilities. Not my normal style but you gotta get outta the comfort zone.