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Rex spends four hours in New Zealand, Here spreading the love, Rex receives a great big hand- Or a part thereof.

A Little Birdie…

In Wellington Rex failed to see a single welcoming banner;
Still, the peasantry hailed him in a most singular manner,
The cheering crowd he’d thought he’d seen and heard
Turned out to be jeering and giving him the bird.

Wellington is where, for Rex it began to unravel;
Tillerson got their message about sex and travel

The Nine Day misguided tour, brought to you by Trump Travel.

Flitting About.

The Saudis succumbed to Donald’s charms
Once he reached out to ’em with his arms.

On to Israel with their message ringing in his ear-
That Jerusalem Embassy is no longer a capital idea.

There he stood quietly staring at the Western wall,
The cracks therein didn’t resonate with him- at all.

Approached the Pope, hoped he’d forgive every sin;
The Lords representative didn’t know where to begin.

The NATO photo shoot pictured him as grace personified
But somehow the friends he’d made didn’t see his best side.

Then home, and he’s over his travels if not his travails,
Hoping his son-in-laws luck in Russian roulette prevails.

United Airlines in disarray. Whoever said ‘All publicity is good publicity?’ An abject lesson in getting it wrong, and all recorded, for the record.

Wing Ding.

I sat down, pulled my belt tight
And waited for the plane to alight,
As the attendant surveyed the packed aisle
A frown of concern replaced her faux smile.

It appeared there had been an oversight,
Somehow, someone had overbooked the flight
And United had to find room for four of their crew.
Does bumping off fare paying customers seem fair to you?

NOW Uniteds CEO is being most contrite,
His host of Lawyers long to put this wrong right,
One trip from Chicago, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky
Will cost him a billion bucks and his pension- If he’s lucky.

Musings from the byways and the highways.

Rolling Down That Road.

A cinematically inclined seven set off on an intrepid exploration,
Off to the wild south, to the ironically named Mount Potts station-
That far-off-the-beaten-track and most remote spot
Where Edoras, of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ fame was shot.

We set bravely forth on the long drive to Edoras’s inspiration,
Rolling along in luxurious four-wheel drive transportation,
From on high we could all see an awful lot,
Like in the hatchback below, with its cargo of… what?!?!?

Those lush plants, laid low, became the centre of conversation,
Now, in the past my my interest lay in consumption, not cultivation,
But I could plainly see one thing that dopey driver forgot;
Don’t place precious plants ‘neath a glassy hatch if it’s hot.

At a roundabout he exited, and under acceleration
From exhaust AND cracked window came a smoky exhalation,
NOW it didn’t take no Sherlock to reveal the plot-
AND no need to wonder if it was pot or not.