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Take this job and shove off; Shooing the messenger. After six months of spitting in the eyes of the closest reporters Sean’s been spat out.

Muttering Away.

What a pity for poor Mr Spicer,
All he got was pain and strife,
Will his sad life now get nicer
Now he can get a (quiet) life?

After all Sean’s double talk
Don has single-mindedly spoken,
Sean’s shuffled off for a quiet walk,
Oh, long may the silence be unbroken.

Donald Trump, sensitive new-age guy. One thing about his tweets they’re straight from the hole in his chest cavity.

Thrashing Around In The Dark (Ages.)

Upon awakening from a great nights sleep I was greeted
With the latest UnPresidential tripe Donald’s tweeted,
Yet another once friendly face is now on his bad side,
Lets face it, one thing you daren’t prick is his thin hide.

Don MUST let the people know what they need to know,
Unconstrained by good sense, see those flying fingers go!

Huckabee tries valiantly to explain away his latest rant
Her mouth defends the boor’s words but her eyes can’t,
She can’t blame the Fake News Media for this- his- shit-fest,
When will the Chief give his tiny fingers and tiny mind a rest?

How can he stop those early AM manipulations he so loves?
A good Doctor might suggest tight restraints and boxing gloves.

Mere words cannot tell the tale… One petulant President.

Accusations Flying And Fingers Pointing.

Donald fires off another tweet,
How his stubby fingers fly,
What an early morning treat
For the undiscriminating twitterati.

‘Obama tapped my phone’
Was the message he put out there,
This morn his unPresidential tone
Leaves quite an element of doubt there.

Though there’s no proof of deceit
It deflects scrutiny from a Russian spy,
So it’s a claim Donald is happy to repeat,
He honestly does, without a word of a lie?