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They line up on Dons White House floor, blithely unaware they’re standing on the trap door.

The Revolving Door.

Michael Flynn strode through Dons welcoming door
Little knowing the rapid turnaround he had in store.

Gone, thanks to Russian lies,
Don could only sympathise.

James Comey said his FBI would find more, much more;
Then, ignominiously HE was fired, a sort of Flynn encore.

I guess to James this came as no surprise,
He wouldn’t stop his his ears or avert his eyes.

In January we’d heard Spicers Trumpian oratory loftily soar,
By July he’s silently tumbling down a white House corridor.

For someone who’d praised Don to the skies
His departure didn’t move Don to eulogise.

Reince Priebus was looking down the barrel to be number four-
Now he’s gone and followed the footsteps of those gone before.

Amongst the few muted old guard GOP cries
Scaramucci’s howl of delight was hard to disguise.

Then a measly ten days after Don had unleashed his dog of war
The Mooch was torn from Dons side, despite the oath he swore.

Privately, Don admits his own picks seem unwise;
Who to trust to keep away prying eyes, and the FBI’s?

On which trusty loyal loyal pool of sycophantic fawning foo- fans to draw?
Don knows a Great deal as it dawns on him- THAT’S what family’s for.


And now the Russia story goes on and on and Don and Don.

Don, Doubling Down.

All this talk of Russians and meet-ups
Don dismisses as ‘fake news’ beat-ups,
Don treats all but Fox with contempt and scorn,
But even he knows its bad news for his first born.

Don Senior cries ‘oh Don, my son, what have you done?’
Still, Don loves his children, even this misbegotten one,
But should Don give Don a bad name
In which Don lies the blame?

Secure in the hands of the big blonde chief, we hope.

Learning Plenty At The G20.

Donald and Vladimir shook hands and sat,
Two wily leaders having a ‘diplomatic’ chat,
Don smiled and began to babble at Vladimir,
Vlad’s twisted lips looking less smile than sneer.

Don looked into Vladimir’s eyes, so blue,
Blushingly asked him if he could tell him true
That no Russian meddling had helped him win;
‘Oh, no,’ said Vlad, sneer becoming a huge grin.

So Don said ‘Vlad, that’s good enough for me,’
Who could doubt the word of someone ex-KGB?
So as the Hamburg meeting came to its conclusion
At least Don and Vlad can agree there was no collusion.

As they parted friends, Vladimir pauses and mentions
‘America and Russia should defy cold war conventions,’
What Vladimir suggests to Don sounds one Hell of a deal,
Vlad’s joint Impenetrable Cyber Security unit has vast appeal.

Dang it, am I defending Don or the indefensible? Kathy Griffin out the door.

A Welter Of Criticism.

Yes, Kathy, you were wise to sincerely apologize,
Your truncating of Trump caused us to cover our eyes,
To see our poor Presidents pate so graphically debased
Passed past the bounds of satire into the depths of bad taste.

We ain’t agin the demagogic Don being comically depicted,
But we cannot condone your mocking the obviously afflicted,
Pushing what’s acceptable in comedy is tricky, so why abuse it?
Yes, he’s the complete big head, but you know he cain’t use it.

Another depressing Session, Donald?

Foolishly Forgetful.

Jeff Sessions is learning the hard way
That you should be aware of what you say
To foreign folk who might make you regret it.
Jeff made this mistake and SO wants to forget it.

Jeff, a Session with Sergey, who is HUGELY suspect
Should surely be something you should recollect,
Yet that conversation did not resonate with Jeff,
Or else Jeff is willfully, or skillfully, turning deaf.

Jeff now says his words were of little consequence,
Nothing to cause offence or harm national defence,
Jeff might not recall the details, but Don, rest assured-
Luckily Sergey diplomatically recorded Jeff’s every word.

Watching a source of indigestion for US All…

Running With The Hounds.

To be reasoned balanced and fair
Fox left the mainstream media to stand apart,
They know to tell the right story takes a rare
kind of craft and commitment to the art,
So Fox broadcast out to the dull empty inert air
with a message straight to Americas heart,
God bless the good folks at Fox, and their
fine friends at Breitbart.

Before the election the Fox team
reveled in using shadowy patroitic sources,
Suddenly, with Trump in, it would seem
they’re dark despicable Democratic force-
Disloyal anti-America, anti-Great American Dream,
The kind Clinton quite criminally endorses-
Now that the leaks around Trump have turned into a stream
Fox have said ‘whoa’ and clumsily changed horses.

Mention of E-mails has a host of Fox jaws rabidly dripping,
from that righteous mouthpiece condemnation issues,
But revelations of Donalds highly gripping
story they seemed slothfully slow to use,
Lately my faith in Fox’s fantastical stories is slipping,
Their alternative facts only serve to confuse,
So my world-weary finger is finally flipping
Off Fox’s flipping news.