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A bad companion piece to ‘all part of the fun of expanding ones horizons.’

In Full Flight.

Sixteen hours of fractious flying
Next to a baby who won’t stop crying,
How sweet it will be to hear the sound
Of lips on tarmac when I kiss home ground.

Oh, the joy of being able to sleep a piece,
To surrender to Morpheus’ sweet release,
Far far away from a cry baby that won’t quit-
And a mom who invests in diapers that fully fit.

Getting into the restive spirit?

Up And At ‘Em.

It’s been fourteen hours since we lifted off,
Not for one minute have I drifted off,
I reach for sleeps ravelled sleeve but ‘twould seem For raddled me sleep is but a dream.
I sit slumped, eyes a’twitch, only to bolt up and think. ‘Damn my eyes, I haven’t slept a fluttering wink.’