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The obituary pages rarely raise a smile, but what strange travelers wait uncomfortably beside the Styx this week?

Gone On.

What a weird week this past week has been,
What an odd mob have departed the scene,
Chuckles Manson, David Cassidy and Malcolm Young,
Two gone too young, one well and truly unstrung.

Charles Manson goes, and good riddance. But to where does he go? That’s the burning question.

To A Well-Deserved Reward.

Charles Manson has finally shuffled off this mortal coil
And there’s mighty damn few who regret the loss,
But his arrival has made one hard working devil’s blood boil,
As irreverent as it sounds, Old Nick is ever so cross.

Decades ago, facing the chair, or a long life without parole
Charlie and the devil met, and an ungodly deal was done,
Now Chas has turned up his toes, and Satan awaits his soul-
He’ll wait till Hell freezes over, ‘coz Chuckie never had one.