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People come and go at work, a rare few leave a mark. One such has left and, sadly, she left her mark. Oh well, it’ll wash off. (Part four and the final part of the Jilted Julia Saga.)

Incredibly De-stressing.

So oh-so-clever Julia’s gone, and not before time,
Some were overwrought, I’m simply over the moon,
It can’t be denied, seeing her backside was sublime
But if I ever see her two faces again it’ll be too soon.



I thought work couldn’t get any better, and though I rarely agree with the boss, this time I heartily do. Thanks Boss. Oh, and to Julia- thanks for nothing. (Part three of the Jilted Julia Saga.)

Exit Interview For Bossy Boots.

‘So, Julia you’ve been with us a year to the day,
Sadly the evidence says you’ve outstayed your stay,
So lets review your flaws before you go on your way
With our good wishes and an even greater redundancy pay’

‘Let us peruse the views of your ex-staff, if we may?
They can contain a clue- or two- to where you went astray,
One good point is they do say you’re real hard work and no play,
Negative traits… hmmm they do go on- and on and ON, don’t they?’

‘Complaints against you… hmm, laid in endless array,
Your words of complaint about them cause me a twinge of dismay…
No, don’t tell an employee to ‘fuck off,’ the Company prefer ‘go away,’
I agree with your staff, so no argument, Julia, just go away, without delay.
Nah, ‘fuck off’ as you say.’