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A New Year and already Donalds New Year holiday resolutions take an unhealthy turn.

A Word Or Two With The Doctor/King For A Day.

For all those worried if Donald’s not fit for work, do not be concerned,
The resident genius has been checked out, nothings been discerned,
The McDon is good to go, in brain, heart and other vital body parts,
Its a bona fide medical miracle, with his cholesterol off the charts.

A few do accuse our great President of no work and all play
Yet for Donald signing off on the fifteenth has been no holiday,
It’s grim indeed to see him publicly straining to stick to the script;
Words that, self evidently, privately would leave Trump tight lipped.

Part Two; Rex and Don, a battle of wits.

Great Minds.

You won’t hear Don publicly shouting he’s a genius;
That he only quietly and privately admits,
Him not believing he’s stup…endous is plainly disingenuous,
So Rex is bound to be the loser in this battle of wits.

…So now we know, once and for all;
In defeat, set back on his seat a sullen Don sits
Adjusting his dunces cap to Extra Small,
But let’s credit Don for knowing that when the cap fits…