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Don goes to Paradise. Don’t he and Governor Jerry Brown checking out the fire damage make an incongruous pair?

Trouble In Paradise?

Over Paradise falls a dark and stifling pall,
The President has decided to call,
He’s in a Blue State, showing humanitarian concern,
It’s enough to make his red Republican heart burn.

The sight is enough to make Don hyperventilate-
That senseless loss of all that high-end real estate.

As Don steps around the smoking debris
His discomfiture is plain for all to see,
Don can barely stand to be seen walking beside Jerry Brown,
His burning desire is to hot foot it out of town.

Though we see Don and Jerry standing together
Any friendship will prove as fickle as the weather.

This place is not where Don wants to dwell,
This piece of Paradise has gone to Hell,
He’s fielding a few burning questions from the few townsfolk,
Don cannot wait to get his butt back to the Big Smoke.

Don leaves, with, as an afterthought, a prayer-
Usually offered when smoke and cordite fill the air.