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Donald listens quietly, and gives an answer that wildly misses the question. Well, he did give the appearance of listening.

Donny Goes To School.

Donny listened to the students claim
That in school shootings guns are to blame,
Though Dons views and theirs aren’t quite the same
Donald does agree these shootings are a crying shame.

Don does think arming teachers will change the game,
Oddly, and crazy as it sounds, the NRA endorses his aim.

A(nother) shooting at a ‘Merican school and the President knows who to blame and what to say. Also, what it pays not to say.

Default Setting.

Yet another school shooting in Florida leaves us numb,
From the President the prayers and platitudes come,
More fretting and flapping of Trumpian gums
Followed by a frenzy of twittering thumbs.

Don is rightly upset about what some crazed kid has done,
Though the conclusion he arrives at sure is a strange one,
Oh so many sorrowful words for lost daughters and sons;
And not one single syllable about the madness of guns?