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If you’re happy in your work, you don’t have to practice your smile. This is the happy tale of someone I know who works- worked- in the food service industry. ‘Hey you want a super-sized smile with that?’

Work Face.

Whenever I feel sad and blue
My smile comes beaming through,
Whenever the dark thoughts begin
I think of my job and can’t help but grin.

Yes, work is our happy place,
Here we put on a happy face,
Here we do not let true feelings show,
Our cares the public don’t need to know.

My Supervisor smiles like a clown,
Says ‘turn that frown upside down,’
He implores me to turn it up a notch-
Yep, it’s all idiotic smiles on his watch.

I’ve wearied of my false Sensodyne smile,
Flashing my molars has become a trial,
With teeth this white and smile so tight
Don’t wag no finger at me, I might bite.

My fixed smile leaves me depressed,
This shop-worn smile is past its best,
The only way my boss hasn’t felt my fist
Is due to my caring calming pharmacist.

Now I can’t hide what lurks beneath,
I’m sick of smiling, to my back teeth,
I’ve found a job out of the public eye-
There’s a joyous twinkle in the tears I cry.

I scrawled the boss a note telling him I’ve resigned
‘ I’m ecstatic to leave all this happy crappy behind,’
And asked him to file it where the sun don’t shine.
…Ah, welcome back, sweet smile o’ mine.



After missing many an appointment, suddenly the time comes to bite the bullet and visit the dentist.

Big Buck Teeth.

What happened to my sunny smile?
That charming grin that used to beguile
Has not graced my dial for quite a while.

Nowadays my smile looks like it’s slipped,
Nowadays I find I’m keeping it tight-lipped,
The ol’ enamel’s looking cracked and chipped.

My teeth no longer whitely gleam,
My once winning smile, it does now seem
Is a sight to make a dental hygienist scream.

My snaggle-toothed smile I would repair;
It was only as I lay back in the dentist’s chair
That I realized this could become a painful affair.

Now, I know a visit to the dentist
Is a joy and pleasure not to be missed,
You’ll leave smiling- if you’re a masochist.

Yes, one visit can cause quite the thrill,
So, embrace the sweet agony of the drill-
The truly traumatizing bit is getting the bill.