Losing My Religion.

Donald Trump goes to a predominantly black church,
How comfortable he looked,he must really be reaching
out for votes. As he says ‘what have you got to lose?’
Sanity, for a start.

Losing Faith.

I took my pew at my local church
And damned near fell off my perch,
Here I have come to try to find The Light
But what I saw plunged me into deepest night.

I recognized the stranger by his golden hair,
It was that Platinum-carded gilded billionaire,
As he began to sway in an uncomfortable Caucasian way
I clapped my hands together, Heavens how I began to pray.

Lord, I know Your work is shrouded in mystery
But two divorces and flirtations with bankruptcy
Seems damnable behaviour for a Commander-in-Chief
So WHY is he HERE and not in his casino is beyond belief.