Novak Djokovic, Number One best self server in tennis, loses off court.

Double Fault.

Novak Djokovic is back on a plane,
Seems he appealed to the Courts in vain,
Guess Novak thought they'd bend the rules,
Guess Novak thought he'd play 'em all for fools?

Number One's badly misjudged his charms,
Yet his phalanx of Serb family remain up in arms
Demanding their unvaxxed hero be given a free pass;
Novak, the simple answer is, get the jab, you stubborn ass.

Novak, If you wish to come and play
Grand slam tennis in this sick ol' world today
Please make sure the visa declaration you signed
Is factually true, or you'll find your invitation declined.

Yet there is no happy ending to this story,
The Aussies are covered in- well, it ain't glory,
As Novak leaves he's 'entitled' to one passing shot-
Does the Aussie 'Government' have half a clue or not?


12 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic, Number One best self server in tennis, loses off court.

    1. Out he went, I think on an Emirates flight, via Dubai. It’s a wonder his Serbian fanbase didn’t charter a Serbian Air Force Transport for Him.
      Lol the ace comment!
      Neither he nor the Aussie bozos in charge come out of this crapfest well. All sides are to blame, Novak for blind arrogant self-entitlement, Tennis Australia for grovelling genuflection towards His Greatness, the Aussie Government for its better-late-than-clever heavy handedness. Embarrassing for all. I’d like to think ‘lessons learned’ but…

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    1. Had his case heard in Court,
      Three judges gave it thought,
      And promptly cut his visit short,
      Flying home, to family support,
      Pity the Omicron he ‘caught’
      Won’t result in ‘lesson taught’
      He’ll remain an unvaxxed poor sport.


  1. I’m sure you can already sense my thoughts concerning Novax Jokeavic. I’m done with people like this. And I completely agree with your assessment that all parties faulted on their serves with this one. It should have been cut and dried from the onset. You didn’t follow the rules and you lied. Goodbye.

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