In Texas Governor ‘Big Gun’ Abbott reckons it’s time to change a few laws- trust the Republicans to know what’s right for you- and them.

(You wanna gun in Texas ? Write a cheque and it’s yours, no questions asked. You wanna vote? Whoa there- now Governor Abbott wants to cross-check you.)

Texas Hold 'em.

'We don't take kindly to restrictions here, Son,
Soon here in Texas ya'll can carry round a gun,
And then, Son, ya'll won't need no licence or permit,
Son, we cain't wait for Governor Abbott to confirm it.'

'Soon, Son, strapped to your hip-
A Colt for your personal protection
Within it, a lawfully fully loaded clip
Thanks to Governor Abbotts election.'

'Son, the Second 'Mendment is our God given Right,
Us rebels Republicans chafe against restrictive oversight,
Soon, Son ya'll be free to pack a pistol without a Doctors note-
Shoot, Son, in Texas it's easier gettin' a gun than gettin' to vote!' 

'Son, once Abbot's doozy legislation's passed
Then he's on to checkin' out Voters Rights Time,
Then, Boy- if ya'll aim to cast your Democrat vote fast
Ya'll be stuck in lines longer than at Disney, Anaheim.' 


20 thoughts on “In Texas Governor ‘Big Gun’ Abbott reckons it’s time to change a few laws- trust the Republicans to know what’s right for you- and them.

  1. Yep, you done captured things for what they are down here in these parts. Don’t need no permit for a gun no more, everybody can have one, no questions asked, just like Gawd intended. But you cain’t vote less you tote the party line. Well, you can try, but you ain’t gonna get nowhere without a big tussle. See, we got what they call Gerry Manderin. Never met the man, but he’s the one does all the district-makin’, where he goes in and busts up any hotbeds a them commies and sprinkles their votes into the red ones so it don’t matter no more. Hoo boy, I love livin’ here, I do…

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    1. And it SO puts into perspective the condolences’n’prayers uttered after El Paso/Odessa by the wretchedly sorrowful Mr Abbott. ‘Things are gonna change, this can never happen again,’ he spouted. Well, talk is both cheap and shallow for Mr Abbott- or is it that the pockets of the NRA are deeper? Even the cops don’t want it -gun laws- opened up. Even Conservative gun lovin’ Police Associations know it just leads to open slather. Plus, some genius over there in your redneck of the woods (amazingly, a Repulsivan) wanted to allow election judges be armed in ballot stations.
      And the slippery Mr Manderin knows no bounds. And so it goes.

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      1. I apologize, i didn’t mean it like that. I only meant that I didn’t know about these laws until i read your post and I’m pretty sure that i would have just skipped it, if you hadn’t written it in such a sarcastic tone which made me want to read it. So in that way, I wanted to say that it’s nice that you wrote it like that. I’m now aware of something that i wasn’t earlier, and I’m pretty sure that this will be true for other people too.

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  2. I have a fair bit of gray hair and I’ve still been asked at times for ID when buying a 6-pack of beer. You also have to convince the sales clerk of your age and intent if you want to buy a can of spray paint at Walmart . But soon, AK47s, off the rack… hell, they’ll probably have drive-through dealers.

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    1. It would be laughable if it weren’t so truly sad. Texas freaks me out, it takes that ‘don’t step on me’ attitde to insane heights. Or depths. Free to carry six gun in your holster, but try to vote and theres more restrictions than ya’ll could ever hope to survive.

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