Poor Donald Trump, feeling so badly dealt to: If only he could have won over those losers…

Complete Don-lie-ability.

Loudly ex-President Trump proclaims 'it's not Right or fair'
That anyone should pry into his silly lil' January Sixth affair,
So, he may have told a few close friends it was time to fight?
And they may have left the Capitol lookin' like a bomb site...
It's hard to believe he, the Rightful leader of the United States
Must submit to the uncomfortable probing Democracy dictates.

All Don wanted was to get Mike Pence to illegally declare a
Few million Rep votes had been counted as Dem ones in error,
If only Don's grip on Mike's gonads neck had been tighter
Don would be the hard Rights hero, not its riotous inciter,
'Merica would've lost Democracy- but isn't Don's loss greater?
Who needs Democrats when given a Great Republican Dictator?

‘Lookin’ mighty Right to me, El Presidente. Sir!’


15 thoughts on “Poor Donald Trump, feeling so badly dealt to: If only he could have won over those losers…

  1. How he continues to be out and about and not in leg irons in some dungeon is a continuing matter of amazement to me and I’m sure at least a few others. Him, as well as Guliani, and Bannon, and every member of Congress or the White House staff that were co-conspirators right along with him.

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    1. The scary thing is someone clearly delusional has a chance of doing over democracy in two short frightening years. Proof and truth means nothing to those red-eyed ones who refuse to see it.

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      1. Do you watch “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”? He’s always brilliant and he’s been doing a nightly recap of the day’s hearings. Check it out if you haven’t. The one thing about the committee is having Dick Cheney’s daughter presented as some kind of hard-nosed representative of justice. I think she’s doing a good job, but she is her father’s daughter, a possible/likely Trojan Horse that I’m extremely concerned about.

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      1. I have it easy in opposing Trump’s egregious power grab because I already oppose his politics. I very begrudgingly admire the guts of Republicans like Romney, McCain, Cheney, and Pence who were not paralyzed into submission when Trump crossed the line. How easily their colleagues succumbed to the power of corruption proves the difficulty of standing up for underlying principles.

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        1. Aptly put. When rationality jumped out the the window it seems most Republicans- and I’m sure there are many who want to do right, as they see as fit- jumped out as well. Its only on the way down they see it might not have been the best idea. Time and History will not be kind to a lot of people, and like McCarthy, a lot of reputations will be sullied and ruined. The most heeded and powerful voice in the 50s is a byword for evildoing now.

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  2. Terrific closing image. And is that DeSantis in the background, lower right? Positioned on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository as Trump’s motorcade is driving through downtown Dallas? Hmm… 😉

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    1. He fits the uniform of a despotic bastido to perfection, doesn’t he? Its almost as if he’s had one tailor made just in case the will of the country needed a a strong man to impose himself as leader- for the benefit of the People, of course!
      Dunno where De Santis is, but wherever it is, there goes the neighbourhood.

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  3. Well folks, the comparison to leg irons and in prison and the Kennedy assassination is not appropriate and bordering on disgusting; although Kennedy was killed for less sins than what Biden is committing against our country. So, how is that $7.00 per gallon of gasoline and $15.00 per pound hamburger meat going for you? Problem is, you still have to pay the same prices I do. Also, lets think about the food shortages, higher utilities, higher interest rates and the destruction of us retired folks 401k’s because the stock market is crashing. Do you have stocks? Are you worried, or do you think Biden will fix everything? I almost forgot about the recession, that will soon be a “depression” and there will be rioting and chaos in the streets. Better oil those weapons up and get ready for a entertaining summer. Although I was not a big Trump fan, our country was in far better shape when he was in office. Why? Because he is a business man, and understands economics 101 and knew that running a country like ours requires some business sense, not political magic. Myself and millions more Americans vote for what is good for us, and our country. We don’t give a rats-ass about the economy in Mexico or Guatemala. I never in my 73 years would believe that a dementia wracked pervert bully thug could be president, yet here we are. Enjoy. Observe, I do enjoy your postings, but not this one.

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    1. Yes, Phil, we all have a point of view we have learnt the hard way. I can’t agree with your analysis of Trump as a dementia wracked pervert bully thug as- oh, you mean easy going Biden? Seriously, Trump has done nothing for the US other than gleefully widen the gap between the Left and Right. But. At least here we can still talk to one another over our differences. For me, obviously, the Donalds egomania is a real danger to democracy. If you don’t agree, that is your prerogative, and it will remain so, in any democratically based society. The thing is we do not to have to agree and see eye to eye on everything but we should still be able to amicably disagree.


    1. Thank you. He still won’t let go of his disproved delusions. Some call it grit and tenacity, I think it’s bordering on mania.
      Oh, and Boris has just received another wake-up call in a couple of by-elections down your way? That Tory vote turnaround must have him reaching for the tranquillizers rather than the Champers.

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